When you don’t know what to do

I love the story in 2 Chronicles 20. Jehoshaphat is king of Judah, and he receives word that a huge and brutal army is coming to get him, and is not far away. His response: he is afraid, and so he sets his face to seek the Lord. (Right!) He proclaims a fast in all Judah. Everyone in Judah assembles in order to seek help from God. Read the rest of this entry »


Starting a new chapter

We started school today. Homeschool, that is. It was a decision that we/I came to gradually in the last few months of Tobin’s second-grade year. There wasn’t any one huge thing that prompted us to go this direction. Just a series of little niggling things that caused us to say, “We could do BETTER than this.” We could do better at P.E., at music, at science (we can do better at science than an aerospace magnet school!!!) at recess, at knowing how to deal with wiggly boys….all of that.

So today was my first day of proving that I CAN in fact do better. Read the rest of this entry »

People who bear God’s thumbprints

There are people who have the unmistakable stamp of Grace, the thumbprint of God, on their face and their life. Read the rest of this entry »

Hello world!

Yes, I’m opening another blog–jumping ship from Blogspot, which I’ve found to be clunky and not user-friendly. I’ve enjoyed blogging here with my sister about food at My Sister’s Kitchen, so here I am with my new Thumbprints blog. I’ve moved all my archives over from Blogger, so I’m all moved in. Bookmark me!


Back to a family of four

We’ve had my sister’s son Nate staying with us the last few weeks. We took him home with us after our visit in NC, and he worked with Uncle Kirk on the airplane projects. He made fittings, and did various manly things with power tools. He also made us his special fabulous chocolate cake, and a big batch of chocolate chip cookie dough, which is sitting in my freezer at home, waiting to be baked into cookies.

Tonight, I am sitting in my sister-in-law’s living room, having hugged Nate goodbye and sent him off in my brother-in-law’s plane with Scott and Kirk flying. They dropped Nate off at an airport in Indiana, where his dad was waiting for him. Kirk and Scott are back, so the nerve-buzz of having my husband gone in a small-airplane and out of contact until he lands is worn off. And I’m missing Nate. Read the rest of this entry »

A quick late-night observation

It is raining. After days upon days of withering heat and hideous humidity, and a house that is nearly 100 degrees inside, it is raining. A cool breeze is coming in the windows. Hope dawns. This weary mother rejoices.

On “what is wrong with women’s ministries”

I frequent a very interesting group blog called “Boarshead Tavern”, which discusses all things theological (plus other stuff–I’d link it, but I don’t know how yet.) A recent thread there began with the observation on Beth Moore. Commenters on that thread made a number of observations about Beth Moore, about Kay Arthur, about snarky women who adulate one or the other of them, etc. Someone called for a discussion on what is wrong with women’s ministries in the American church, and the discussion has since taken a sharp left turn into a fairly dense argument–oops, I mean discussion–on whether God has a gender, and if He can genuinely be called “He”.

I don’t much care to get into a tussle over the whole gender of God thing, even if I think the idea of calling God female is weird and icky. What I want to address is the question of whether we can actually analyze what’s wrong with women’s ministries in the American church. My premise is no. Read the rest of this entry »

I love a good funeral…

I played the piano this morning for a funeral at church. Dolores H., an apparently VERY old lady whom I had never met, but who had attended our church for years and years, had finally slipped the surly bonds, as it were, and there was only me to play for the commemoration. Read the rest of this entry »

Quick update

Highlights of the last few days:

•Seeing a very dear old friend from high school, and discovering that not only do we have children the same age, we also have the SAME children–same temperaments, same discipline issues, same food preferences….and we have the same parenting styles. And we found that, while our life trajectories have been VASTLY different from each other in the last 20 years, we have struggled with some of the same things. It was good to get to spend more than a couple of hours with her, and to realize that we could still pick up where we left off. Thanks, Retta! Read the rest of this entry »

one more thing…

I am feeling completely better! Thank you, Jesus!

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