My bi-monthly update….

Yeah, I’m getting downright regular–post once every 6-8 weeks whether you need to or not. I am just now getting over a bad case of whooping cough (yes, you can get it, even if you a)had the shot as a kid, b)are a grownup and c) have already had it twice in adulthood!) We also did the big barfy thing with one kid this week, which is always fun.

Here are some fun conversations that amused me in the last few weeks:

During a Bible-time discussion of I Corinthians 13, in which we talked about how Jesus is the embodiment of love, so we could substitute “Jesus” for “Love” and it would tell you about Jesus (“Jesus is patient; Jesus is kind….”) Ian came to me, fingers held out in counting mode. “Mom, I’m making a list of the things Jesus does and doesn’t do,….and I need more FINGERS.” Honey, you have no idea how many more fingers you need.

Another conversation. Boys are playing in the living room with toy soldiers.

Ian: Mom, my guys who don’t have weapons are vegetarians.

Mom: ???

Tobin: You know, the guys who don’t believe in fighting?

Mom: You mean pacifists???

Tobin: Yeah, pacifists! That’s what your guys are, Ian.

Later, as I was relating this hysterical conversation to Kirk, Ian added this: I really meant the guys are those guys who go and help the animals.


Kirk: You mean they’re veterinarians?

Ian: Yeah, yeah! They’re vegetarians!

(At this point, I was helplessly gurgling and gasping on the floor.)

Tobin: I think they’re also pacifists.


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