Nearly a postcard

I began the day with trepidation–how would school go, since we were running out mid-morning so I could go get my hair cut, and then someone was coming over to our house at 1 to meet with me.  Would my children turn into a pair of savage howler monkeys?

As it turned out, it was the most beautiful day of school we’ve had since we began.  We began with a reading of Matthew 12, learning about Pakistan and the needs of Christians and Muslims there, and prayer time.  Ian prayed, as usual, for God to help poor people to have enough food and money.  Tobin prayed for Amber, a girl we know of who has terrible aggressive leukemia.  I prayed for Pakistan, for the ongoing staffing needs for our Bible study’s childcare, and for our day.

We read a chapter from “Carry On, Mr. Bowditch”, and learned the expression “sailing by ash breeze”–meaning the use of strong-backed sailors getting into lifeboats and using the ash-wood oars to row and tow the becalmed ship forward.  Someone who has had external opportunities taken from them, but who is working diligently to create their own opportunities can be said to be “sailing by ash breeze.”   Cool image.

We ran out for the hair-cut (my 8yo thoughtfully told me he liked my hair, so it’s thumbs up once again to Heidi, my friend and stylist.

On the way home, I accidentally turned onto the freeway and we ended up taking lunch from Wendy’s to Kirk’s work and having lunch with him on his first day of having students back.  Saying good-bye to him, we jogged back home in time to accomplish a nice tidy before my friend Patti showed up.

I’d given the boys a list of assignments to work on, with the stipulation that they needed to be mostly independent, and if Ian needed help with reading directions, he could ask Tobin.  Patti arrived, and the boys were tidily arranged at the kitchen table, quietly doing their work.  There were a few questions directed to me, but generally a quiet and congenial diligence permeated.

After they’d completed their individual assignments, they headed up to my bed to read some human body books together.  After about an hour, Tobin tip-toed down to announce that Ian had fallen asleep.  He headed back up and continued to read about the human body, and prepared a small presentation to give to Kirk when he got home (which he delivered cheerfully and competently.)

It is interesting to me that the day that was MOST out of kilter from our usual routine has been our best day so far. Am I to take that as normative? Or was it a happy God thing, that He chose to give us this beautiful and peaceful day today? I’m not really sure, but I’m thankful, anyway.


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  1. Joan DeWindt said,

    September 30, 2006 at 12:40 pm

    I think it was a God thing…but I also think it indicates the kind of Mothering you are doing with your boys. Love, Joan

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