Nearly a postcard

I began the day with trepidation–how would school go, since we were running out mid-morning so I could go get my hair cut, and then someone was coming over to our house at 1 to meet with me.  Would my children turn into a pair of savage howler monkeys? Read the rest of this entry »


States I’ve visited

I found this fun website on somebody else’s blog (sorry–can’t remember now whose it was) and went right over to fill out my own map, and you can do one for yourself, too.  This gives a whole new meaning to “red states”–all of which I’ve been in (even W. Virginia, which we drove 1/2 mile into this summer and turned around, just to say we’d been there!)  You may notice some marked omissions, and some of them are intentional–if you are living in a non-red state, ask yourself if you have alligators or deadly water snakes, and you’ll know whether I skipped your state on purpose.

create your own visited states map