Our bout with chicken pox continues in its mild and unobtrusive form.  We’ll hope that nobody else gets it, because the incubation period on that would put us into some dicey time-frames, with the start of women’s Bible study, and Wednesday night groups, and such.

School continues, and looks like starting to settle down into workable routines and general contentedness amongst the studentia. Hot tip for homeschooling moms of wiggly boys:  if they need to get a few wiggles out, send them out for laps around the house, a few laps at a time.  Time them, if you have a stop watch.  It’s huge fun, and cheap PhysEd.  🙂

At the dinner table tonight, we had non-stop questions from two boys who’ve suddenly hit the curiosity-button.  That feels like success.  I think the absence of videos to watch has played a part in the settling calm and peace, and in the increasing engagement in school.  Also, I think I’m relaxing into this as I go, and it’s showing.

One unexpectedly sweet pleasure in this has been doing Bible time in the morning, first thing.  We read a chapter from the gospel of Matthew, discuss things that raise questions, talk about how it applies to us.  Then we look at today’s entry in Operation World.  We look for the country on our globe, read about what the country is like and what things we can pray about.  We add that to our prayer journal, in which we also keep track of the things and people we are praying about.  We have already seen our prayers answered in several cases, and the boys have recognized those answered prayers without my needing to point them out.  It is a wonderful thing to sit and pray together with my children every day, and to hear them beseech God to give poor people enough food, or to help cousin Josh work out his big college schedule problem.  And it is excellent to see those prayers answered, and my children’s faith built.  Thank you, Lord.

I’ve run into some reminders this week of the fact that I had to make sacrificial choices in order to homeschool.  I missed my first meeting of the women’s ministries leadership team–I stepped down from that team earlier this month, knowing I couldn’t continue to make all the meetings and be involved in this busy aspect of ministry AND do a good job of schooling my kids.

And I called our worship pastor today to check if I was still on the schedule to sing on worship team this Sunday, and I’m not.  I’ve had to take a leave of absence from the Sanctuary Choir, which is a choice that bites for me–my last vestige of being a professional musician for now.  I’ll still step in from time to time and direct when Gil is away, and I’ll still be on the worship team in the “Crossing” service down the hall every other month or so.  But for this season, my musical involvement will be minimal.  I’d like to convince myself that I’ll have lots of free time now in which to write music, but realistically….lots of free time is a pipe dream.

So, I’m a little…I don’t know what…pensive? about some of the trade-offs I’ve made in order to homeschool.  I know it is worthwhile, and I know that I won’t regret it.  And I know it’s a season in my life, too. But it makes me just a little sad–those expensive music degrees…those activities that really did feel significant and fulfilling and like real ministry…the friends in those arenas who I’ll see a bit less of now.

But too, as I was hanging up the phone after talking with Gil, I realized that my life feels unhurried and unstressed right now.  Even though I am gearing up for the launch of women’s Bible study, and preparing to teach there, and doing school with boys, and trying to get my house under control.  I do not feel harried or mentally vague or exasperated, like I do when I am doing too much.  I feel good–now I just need to address the diet/exercise component, and my clothes will feel better, too.  🙂


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  1. December 23, 2011 at 9:44 am

    In fact, it s quite short on real laughs to be honest, but in some ways that is to it s benefit because it adds emotion into the mix.

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