Ian has chicken pox. We think.

We noticed little spots on his back and bum last night, and there are more today, plus some on his arms. And he’s feeling sad and mean and grumpy and yucky. So sad.

So Kirk will be staying home from church tomorrow morning with the boys, while I go and play the piano for the worship team from our church that is leading worship at the State Fair Crossroads Chapel. We are playing 3 services. And then I plan to wander around, never having been to the MN State Fair before, and see things like canned goods and the huge craft show, and art contests and whatnot. Also, I will go to the dairy barn to a)partake of the $1 all-the-milk-you-can-drink deal, and 2)see the carved butterheads of this year’s Princess Kay of the MilkyWay (Fair royalty). (A butter-carving artist carves full-size busts of Princess Kay, and she gets to take her bust home after the fair is done.)

Interesting trivia: Pres. Teddy Roosevelt gave his “speak softly and carry a big stick” speech at the MN State Fair in 1901.

Something that makes me really happy: There is a large pot outside my front door, with a morning glory vine that has crept up to cover one railing on the stairs. The morning glory began to bloom last week, and is now COVERED daily with masses of brilliant blue flowers. Each night, the flowers fold themselves up neatly and shrivel away, and each morning, a new batch open up, brilliant and cerulean. These are my favorite flowers. Except when the columbine are blooming.

Note of encroaching autumn: Our big maple, always the first tree on our block to start the color show, is starting to go. Starting to have yellow leaves, and some already brown and falling.


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