Well, we’re doing school.  I still feel like I’m not really prepared, and don’t really know what I’m doing.  I’m feeling my way, trying to hit a balance between there-are-things-you-MUST-learn and what-are-you-interested-in-learning.  I’m told my my older and wiser sister who has homeschooled all 4 boys for years, that that balance becomes easier to discern, and that the parenting part gets less intensive after a few weeks.

I sure hope so.  Because my boys have been mean as snakes.  At each other non-stop all day.  Snarly, vicious, and sneaky in their attacks on each other.  Trying to get each other in trouble.  Trying to hurt each other without getting caught.  It’s been ugly.  And I’ve been nearly as mature as they have.  The snarly and vicious part was me.

The younger one keeps telling me he’s bored, and school is no fun.  Borrowing a page from my sister’s book, I told him yesterday that school was only for boys who were big enough to handle it, and if he wasn’t big enough, then he didn’t have to do it, although he’d have to still obey and be quiet during our family times, like Bible and reading.  But I wouldn’t try to teach him things like letters and numbers if he wasn’t a big enough boy.  He went from whining to begging to be allowed to participate, and was happy as a clam the rest of the morning.  Except for when he was fighting with his brother.

If you think of us in homeschool land, please pray for us:  for patience and understanding for me, for grace for us all, for a hunger for learning in the boys, for an end to the sibling violence….And pray that we all survive the next few weeks to get into a real rhythm.



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