Starting a new chapter

We started school today. Homeschool, that is. It was a decision that we/I came to gradually in the last few months of Tobin’s second-grade year. There wasn’t any one huge thing that prompted us to go this direction. Just a series of little niggling things that caused us to say, “We could do BETTER than this.” We could do better at P.E., at music, at science (we can do better at science than an aerospace magnet school!!!) at recess, at knowing how to deal with wiggly boys….all of that.

So today was my first day of proving that I CAN in fact do better. We woke up all in one bed after Kirk had left for work. We snuggled. We gradually sat up. I picked up my Bible and read to them. We set up a prayer journal and put several people on our prayer list. We prayed.

THEN we got out of bed. Did the morning routine, except NOW it was Doing School, so the bedroom actually got tidied, the teeth actually got brushed, and the breakfast was short and efficient, so anxious were we to get into those lovely crates full of books.

We did some math. We took a temperature reading outside. We read out of a huge book about the earliest Americans for a while. We read a book that interested us about hurricanes. We did a little grammar (Tobin), a little ABC’s (Ian),then wrote a letter to Grandma. We wrote up a list of chores, from which the boys will daily pick one to do. (Excitement about chores was HIGH, which just goes to show that it’s all about framing it correctly.)

About this time, Kirk arrived home from a short day at work, and listened, spellbound, to what we’d done all morning. We had lunch together, and he whisked the kids off to the airport with him. I sat and had a leisurely time of quiet. Ahhhh!

I know, pretty idyllic for the first day, and I know, it won’t always be idyllic. But…thank you, JESUS! for a good first day. I have a vision for how this can be cool and fun and do-able. And for how homeschooling needn’t have “sucked my life away”, which was my deep dark fear.

Tomorrow: a walk which ends at our little corner coffee shop, treats, and a start at reading “Carry On, Mr. Bowditch.”

And now, off to bed.


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  1. Joan DeWindt said,

    September 30, 2006 at 12:49 pm

    Mary is starting her Mikey in homeschooled preschool. I will tell her to read of your experiences.

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