A quick late-night observation

It is raining. After days upon days of withering heat and hideous humidity, and a house that is nearly 100 degrees inside, it is raining. A cool breeze is coming in the windows. Hope dawns. This weary mother rejoices.


On “what is wrong with women’s ministries”

I frequent a very interesting group blog called “Boarshead Tavern”, which discusses all things theological (plus other stuff–I’d link it, but I don’t know how yet.) A recent thread there began with the observation on Beth Moore. Commenters on that thread made a number of observations about Beth Moore, about Kay Arthur, about snarky women who adulate one or the other of them, etc. Someone called for a discussion on what is wrong with women’s ministries in the American church, and the discussion has since taken a sharp left turn into a fairly dense argument–oops, I mean discussion–on whether God has a gender, and if He can genuinely be called “He”.

I don’t much care to get into a tussle over the whole gender of God thing, even if I think the idea of calling God female is weird and icky. What I want to address is the question of whether we can actually analyze what’s wrong with women’s ministries in the American church. My premise is no. Read the rest of this entry »