Back to the open highway….

We’ll be taking leave of the cottage tomorrow morning. It’s been exactly what we needed here. Plenty of exercise (but not too much), sunshine, water, stillness, good food, and very little thinking about my List. (You know, the To-Do List.) I had to surface just a little today, getting us packed, and needing to pick up phone messages from home, renew library books online, and so forth. But my goal is to continue in the moment for the rest of our trip. To enjoy catching up with a very dear, long-term friend and her boys (the same ages as mine!). To enjoy my sister and her brood of fantastic young men. To enjoy and reconnect with my brother and his wife. To not turn into the Wicked Witch of the West during the car ride…..

So I’ll be offline at least until we get to North Carolina, which is Thursday next. (Oooo! Great books–the Thursday Next series by Jasper Fforde–highly recommended for literary types and oddity/mystery fans.) Until then, ciao!


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