Sick on vacation! No fair!

My under the weather turned into a raging case of strep throat. After repeated calls to my Dr’s office, culminating in my asserting that I would end up in the ER by tomorrow if I didn’t hear from the Doc-on-call very SOON, I finally heard from him. Fortunately, he’s a an old-timer who knows me and trusts my reporting, so he phoned in a prescription for me. So, I’m $180 poorer, but hopefully well on my way to feeling a LOT better tomorrow.

We have an unexpected and welcome visit from Kirk’s sister and her hubby and family–they flew over from Chicago this evening in their Piper Cherokee, and will go back home tomorrow after dinner. The boys are in alt over having cousins after all. Tobin is old enough this time. Last summer he just wasn’t. He didn’t get why none of the girls wanted to play little kid games. This year, he has passed some intangible gateway, and is back in their league.


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