More about vacation

Today I laid around feeling under the weather. Sent my husband and children off to the Lake Association Annual July 4 Family Fun Day for lunch. It’s around the lake a bit, at a cabin that has a nice stretch of beach.

They came back too soon, having already eaten, and insisted that I needed to accompany them back–via paddle boat–so Daddy could participate in the sailing race. Read the rest of this entry »


Vacation by the numbers

We’re currently at the family cottage, on a little lake in Michigan. This is the place where Kirk and I really TRULY relax. I wouldn’t have ever predicted, when I was a teenager, that I would have such a difficult time letting go of my agendas, and just relaxing. But there it is, I have become a very list-driven person. But this week,I have participated in bona fide leisure activities. So, not to deviate TOO much from my at-home MO, here is a snapshot of our first week of vacation: Read the rest of this entry »