A quick late-night observation

It is raining. After days upon days of withering heat and hideous humidity, and a house that is nearly 100 degrees inside, it is raining. A cool breeze is coming in the windows. Hope dawns. This weary mother rejoices.


On “what is wrong with women’s ministries”

I frequent a very interesting group blog called “Boarshead Tavern”, which discusses all things theological (plus other stuff–I’d link it, but I don’t know how yet.) A recent thread there began with the observation on Beth Moore. Commenters on that thread made a number of observations about Beth Moore, about Kay Arthur, about snarky women who adulate one or the other of them, etc. Someone called for a discussion on what is wrong with women’s ministries in the American church, and the discussion has since taken a sharp left turn into a fairly dense argument–oops, I mean discussion–on whether God has a gender, and if He can genuinely be called “He”.

I don’t much care to get into a tussle over the whole gender of God thing, even if I think the idea of calling God female is weird and icky. What I want to address is the question of whether we can actually analyze what’s wrong with women’s ministries in the American church. My premise is no. Read the rest of this entry »

I love a good funeral…

I played the piano this morning for a funeral at church. Dolores H., an apparently VERY old lady whom I had never met, but who had attended our church for years and years, had finally slipped the surly bonds, as it were, and there was only me to play for the commemoration. Read the rest of this entry »

Quick update

Highlights of the last few days:

•Seeing a very dear old friend from high school, and discovering that not only do we have children the same age, we also have the SAME children–same temperaments, same discipline issues, same food preferences….and we have the same parenting styles. And we found that, while our life trajectories have been VASTLY different from each other in the last 20 years, we have struggled with some of the same things. It was good to get to spend more than a couple of hours with her, and to realize that we could still pick up where we left off. Thanks, Retta! Read the rest of this entry »

one more thing…

I am feeling completely better! Thank you, Jesus!

Back to the open highway….

We’ll be taking leave of the cottage tomorrow morning. It’s been exactly what we needed here. Plenty of exercise (but not too much), sunshine, water, stillness, good food, and very little thinking about my List. (You know, the To-Do List.) Read the rest of this entry »

Sick on vacation! No fair!

My under the weather turned into a raging case of strep throat. After repeated calls to my Dr’s office, culminating in my asserting that I would end up in the ER by tomorrow if I didn’t hear from the Doc-on-call very SOON, I finally heard from him. Fortunately, he’s a an old-timer who knows me and trusts my reporting, so he phoned in a prescription for me. So, I’m $180 poorer, but hopefully well on my way to feeling a LOT better tomorrow. Read the rest of this entry »

More about vacation

Today I laid around feeling under the weather. Sent my husband and children off to the Lake Association Annual July 4 Family Fun Day for lunch. It’s around the lake a bit, at a cabin that has a nice stretch of beach.

They came back too soon, having already eaten, and insisted that I needed to accompany them back–via paddle boat–so Daddy could participate in the sailing race. Read the rest of this entry »

Vacation by the numbers

We’re currently at the family cottage, on a little lake in Michigan. This is the place where Kirk and I really TRULY relax. I wouldn’t have ever predicted, when I was a teenager, that I would have such a difficult time letting go of my agendas, and just relaxing. But there it is, I have become a very list-driven person. But this week,I have participated in bona fide leisure activities. So, not to deviate TOO much from my at-home MO, here is a snapshot of our first week of vacation: Read the rest of this entry »