“I’ll pray for you.”

I have come to appreciate the significance and ministry available in the words, “Let’s pray NOW.” We say “I’ll be praying for you,” and then we MAYBE do pray at some point, and that’s a good thing. But when someone has shared a soul-need with me, and I respond by saying, “Let’s pray now,” I am doing the best, most-needed, most-effective ministry I can do.

For someone who is young in the faith or not a believer, it is a powerful thing to share needs and then be brought to the Father with them. For someone who is not new to Jesus, it is STILL powerful.

It shouldn’t be such a grand revelation to me, either: I mean, *I* have no power to effect change in most situations. What’s needed is the touch of Jesus. And I CAN help them have that–not because I’m doing magic in praying, but because I am bringing a fellow leper to Jesus so that HE can do the needful.

I’ve seen this illustrated nicely in several situations this past week or so, where I was hearing about someone’s deep needs, and by the grace of God, I or someone else said, “Let’s pray about that right now.” And that prayer, offered in the humble awareness that I can’t fix this but God can, has been received with astonished gratitude. It’s produced a peace and an awareness of God’s hand–not just for the person receiving the prayer, but for me as well!

Key ministry words: Let’s pray NOW.


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