Observations from small people

Conversation in the car:
T: “Mom, does this car have fog lights?”
Me: “I don’t know, T; that would be a Dad Question.”
I (the almost-4yo): “Tobin, almost EVERY question you ask is a Dad Question.”

Entry for October 05, 2005
I purchased a pair of oven mitts the other week in the dollar-section at Target. They’re pigs, complete with ears and noses and everything. The first thing Ian did when I brought them home was put them on his hands and run around the house….MOOING. These mitts are defective! Should I take them back?

Since I’ve admitted to shopping in the Target dollar aisle, I should also confess that there is a great satisfaction in finding the Quintessential Pair of Jeans, which fit exactly the way they should, for $1.45 at Unique Thrift Store. These babies fit better than any pair of jeans I’ve ever bought new (which, come to think of it, doesn’t describe very many pieces of any kind of clothing I’ve worn in the last 22 years.)

Also, along the lines of dollar-shopping, it’s time to start buckling down to the task of finding that perfect family heirloom Christmas gift. My sis Barb and I have a tradition of gifting each other with Extra Super-Duper Special Family Heirloom Christmas Gifts. They usually cost $1 or less, and are usually of such surpassing beauty and worth, that the recipient is left Without Words. Speechless. Verklempt. er…. Anyway, we’ve decided to include other members of the family in this heart-warming tradition, and so far, the gifts have been mysteriously and regrettably disappearing. I’m thinking there needs to be some education of other family members, so they can appreciate these gifts more fully.


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